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Small Law Firms Fight Back as More Personal Injury Cases Move to Federal Court

Government data showed that personal injury cases filed in federal court had dramatically increased by nearly 30% in the last full calendar year. Read the full article on

1 year after fatal SC train crash, life-saving tech activated. Did it take too long?

Firm Partner Howard A. Spier was involved in a case in which an Amtrak passenger train slammed into a stopped engine in Cayce, leaving a set of derailed passenger cars bent into a V shape and a…

Firm Partner Howard Spier Won a Verdict for Client, Justin Downing

Firm Partner Howard Spier won a verdict for client, Justin Downing in a 5-day trial in Tampa, FL in the sum amount of $2,576,069. The client, employed by CSX Railroad, was on a train in Lakeland, FL…