When drivers are negligent, we hold them accountable.

The possibility of an accident is always there every time you get in your car or truck. Whether caused by a drunk driver, an inexperienced driver, or a distracted driver, automobile accidents happen every day. At Rossman Baumberger we have handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases.

Many vehicle accidents involve large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, often caused by tired drivers or ill-maintained equipment. These cases require knowledge of the complex state and federal regulations governing the operation of these large vehicles. Rossman Baumberger has the experience to handle these cases.

Our team of attorneys at Rossman, Baumberger, Reboso & Spier work to recover remedies for those injured and the families of those lost to trucking and automobile accidents. In the firm’s tenure we have achieved a $6.5 million recovery and $3.4 million verdict in separate automobile accident cases, a $2.75 million settlement against a major national car rental company, and $1.4 million in a tractor-trailer accident, just to mention a few examples.

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