Property Owners and Contractors have a responsibility to ensure reasonable safety.

Construction and industrial sites are dangerous – this statement comes as no surprise. Shopping malls, office buildings, sports arenas or stadiums, and the like should be safe. Two types of premises that seemingly have nothing in common – but they do. Both types share the responsibility of taking reasonable measures to ensure the highest possible level of safety for all persons visiting or using the premises.

Persons entering both types of premises have a reasonable expectation that steps were taken to avoid injury or death due to hazardous conditions on the property – with obvious distinctions applying depending on the property and stage of development. Notwithstanding unforeseeable circumstances, the property owner and contractor have a responsibility to all persons on the premises. But, when that responsibility is neglected and someone gets injured, or worse, it’s time to call an attorney.

Since opening our doors in 1974, Rossman, Baumberger, Reboso & Spier has represented injured workers and property visitors, as well as the families of the deceased. From aquatic spinal cord injuries and drownings, construction site negligence, and collapsed scaffolding and unguarded floors, to resort liability, defective premises, and electrical injuries, our firm has been involved in nearly every conceivable kind of construction site and premises accident case, including some of South Florida's most significant accidents.

Our record includes a $10 million recovery for a hotel guest rendered a quadriplegic in an aquatic accident, a $2.5 million verdict for the loss of a railroad worker's leg, a $1.7 million recovery for the death of a muffler shop employee who was killed when a negligently constructed and maintained building exploded, and confidential settlements for the family of a worker killed in a Bal Harbour Condominium construction accident and the family of a worker killed in a Brickell area construction accident.

Most of these cases could have been avoided with simple and careful due diligence on the part of the property owner. It’s our firm’s mission to help ensure that in the future no one else will suffer from accidents like these due to the negligence of others.

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