When regulation, testing, and FDA pre-approval fall short, you may still have legal remedy.

We turn to pharmaceuticals and medical devices to help us when we’re sick, or in pain. But sometimes medications are ill-produced and become poisons to the body, worsening the condition and even potentially leading to death. We also rely on medical devices, but they too can be defective or ineffective in their promised treatment. The circumstances created by this failure to perform as promised can range from mild to dire.

Despite the fact that pharmaceuticals and medical devices undergo strict trials and require FDA pre-market approval prior to becoming publically available, latent defects and at times severe side effects take time to manifest and do not appear within the testing window. Regardless, manufacturers need to be held accountable for what they provide to the public.

Luckily, our legal system has laws in place to protect the consumer allowing us to seek remedy for victims of these defective medications and medical devices. These cases can become complex very quickly, which is why it’s important that your attorney have the experience to handle this type of litigation.

Poorly manufactured medications
Defective medical devices
Severe and life threatening side effects to medication