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Traumatic amputation cases are one of the most emotionally taxing lawsuits as amputation injuries are permanent and life-altering, causing severe strain on the victim and their family. Traumatic amputation is defined as the loss of a body part (e.g. arm, leg, toe, hand) due to serious injury, including, but not limited to, automobile, motorcycle and boating accidents, defective products, on-the-job, and construction accidents.

While filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the necessity of amputation will never repair the physical damage done, monetary damages can surely help to better the quality of life of the victim. Compensation for amputation victims extends to medical expenses, lost wages due to diminished earning capacity, disfigurement, disability, pain, suffering and emotional distress, loss in quality of life, as well as other damages requiring lifelong care.

Lawsuits of this degree can become complex, very quickly. With the need of medical experts and the like, it’s important that you have an experienced advocate by your side, working to orchestrate a proficient legal strategy.

If you ever find yourself or a loved one in this unfortunate circumstance, and are in need of an attorney to help ensure you receive the care and compensation you need and deserve, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys is here to help protect your interests.