Robotic Surgery Statistics: These Numbers Will Shock You!


Robotic surgery is becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still unaware of the statistics surrounding this type of surgery. Before going under a robotic knife, ensure you’re familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of this type of surgery.

Robotic Surgery Popularity

According to research from 2018, 15% of general surgeries were performed by robots. That number has likely risen as technology advances.

Robotic surgical procedures employ the latest technological advancements and give greater precision to surgeons as they operate. With success stories of successful treatments through robotic surgery being reported often, more and more people have been turning towards this technology for solutions to their medical needs. Healthcare professionals expect the growth in robotic surgeries to continue steadily in the years ahead, owing to the associated benefits.

Success Rate for Robotic Surgery

The National Library of Medicine states that 78-94% of robotic surgeries are successful, with some robotic surgeries even fixing other failed procedures. This means that doctors can perform complex procedures more efficiently and safely. In addition, robotic surgery has been proven to reduce risks of infection, which further boosts patient outcomes even further.

Robotic Surgery Complications Can Be Severe

Despite the promise of robotic surgery, the procedure carries risks and can ultimately lead to severe and complicated outcomes. The National Library of Medicine reported that between 2000-2013 there were:

  • 144 deaths;

  • 1,391 patient injuries; and,

  • 8,061 device malfunctions.

Robotic devices require precision engineering and often involve complex components which can cause surprising malfunctions if not correctly maintained. Additionally, the sheer complexity of robotic surgery makes it difficult to navigate potential issues arising during the procedure. As a result, when any malfunction occurs during robotic surgery, the effects can be significant for both patient and practitioner alike.

Considering a Robotic Surgery Lawsuit?

Robotics have revolutionized the surgery world, offering minimally invasive approaches for many procedures. Although this technology provides many advantages, such as improved precision and speedier recovery times, it is not without risk.

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