Is Erb’s Palsy Permanent?

Baby hands reaching up

Erb’s palsy (also called a brachial plexus injury) is a kind of birth injury that occurs when doctors pull the baby’s arm and head in different directions during delivery. The resulting injury strains the brachial plexus (the nerves between the arm and neck), which can cause weakness or paralysis in one arm. This leads parents whose children experienced this injury to ask the same question: Is Erb's palsy permanent?

Treatment and Therapy

The majority of brachial plexus injuries are minor strains or stretching of the nerves. These injuries usually heal on their own in a few weeks or a few months. In moderate severity cases, doctors may prescribe physical therapy with an emphasis on stretching and developing range of motion.

In severe cases, those most likely the result of medical malpractice, the baby may need surgery to repair the nerves when therapy fails to restore flexibility and range of motion. In these situations, Erb's palsy can sometimes be permanent, and the child could face lifelong stiffness or paralysis in one arm.

Fighting for Justice

If your child experienced Erb's palsy due to medical malpractice in the delivery room, it is crucial that you file a medical malpractice claim to hold the doctor accountable for their negligence.

A successful medical malpractice claim can cover the cost of physical therapy and medications, as well as potential surgeries in a more severe case. If your child is permanently impaired and experiences lifelong difficulty in using their arm, you may be able to recover the damages your child needs to live more comfortably and have the accommodations needed to adjust to their injury.

If your child was impacted by a birth injury, you have options. If you would like to discuss your case with an experienced birth injury attorney from Rossman, Baumberger, Reboso & Spier, P.A., don’t hesitate to send us an email or call our team today at (305) 900-5493.

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