Common Maternal Birth Injuries

Pregnant black woman receiving prenatal care

When discussing birth injuries, there’s a tendency to focus on injuries affecting the baby. While this is certainly valid, it misses the hundreds of thousands of injuries that impact the mother. Given that some of these conditions are potentially life-threatening, it’s crucial that every expecting family know these common maternal birth injuries.


Hypertension (high blood pressure) is common in the delivery room, especially among African American women. When doctors fail to properly monitor the mother’s blood pressure and intervene when it is in the danger zone, it can lead to complications in the weeks after delivery.

Preeclampsia describes conditions where consistent high blood pressure leads to organ damage (usually the kidneys or liver). While this can be a concern in the delivery room, it is more likely the result of long-term negligence. Doctors should monitor the mother’s blood pressure during prenatal and postnatal care and intervene when they are at risk of injury.

Uterine Rupture

Uterine rupture can occur when the uterus tears, often due to powerful contractions. If doctors don’t act quickly, this could lead to hemorrhaging and unceasing contractions. In rare cases, it could even be fatal.

These incidents are more common for women who have had cesarean sections. Labor-inducing drugs (like Pitocin) can cause more powerful contractions that significantly increase the risk of injury.

Medication Complications

While Pitocin can lead to uterine rupture, it is not the only drug that puts the mother at risk. As we discussed previously, labor-inducing drugs can cause hypertension and postpartum hemorrhaging. In rare cases, the mother could also experience complications related to epidurals and anesthetic.

No matter the cause, mothers who have suffered injuries during their pregnancy due to medical malpractice, are entitled to seek justice for their injuries and hold doctors accountable for their negligence.

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