Birth Injury Risk Factors Expecting Mothers Should Know

Pregnant woman having blood pressure checked

Birth injuries and maternal mortality rates in the United States are out of control. Doctors are failing new mothers nationwide. While you can’t know exactly what will happen on the day of your delivery, you can prepare for the worst and minimize risk factors whenever possible. With that in mind here are some birth injury risk factors every expecting mother should know.

Blood Pressure

As we discussed previously, uncontrolled high blood pressure is a major contributing factor to both maternal mortality and infant brain injuries. You should take care to monitor your blood pressure weekly throughout your pregnancy. If your blood pressure is high or if you have a family history of high blood pressure, you should discuss your options during prenatal care.

Baby Size

Large babies have difficult births. If your baby is large, it’s more likely to become caught on your pubic bone, become stuck in the birth canal, or cause tearing during delivery. Each of these factors not only increases the risk of injury to the baby but could endanger the mother’s life as well. If you have a large baby, consult your prenatal care provider about safe delivery options. You may even want to explore the c-section as a lower-risk alternative.

Maternal Weight

While weight gain during pregnancy is normal, overweight women are much more likely to be injured during birth and their baby is more likely to experience birth injuries. Babies of overweight mothers who are delivered vaginally are much more likely to experience brain and spinal injuries. While this can be stressful, it’s important to talk to your doctor about options and next steps before the due date.

Diabetic Status

Whether you are diabetic or developed temporary gestational diabetes, you and your child could be at risk. Babies born to diabetic mothers are much more likely to be premature, experience abnormal growth, and have other health concerns.

If you experience symptoms of diabetes or if you know you are diabetic, contact your OBGYN immediately. It just might prevent a more serious birth injury down the road.

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