If you can’t trust your health care provider, who can you trust?

We are fortunate to live in an enlightened age, where health care and ever expanding technologies can significantly improve our quality of life. We are equally fortunate to live in a nation that allows us to seek remedy when health care is negligently employed and our quality of life is diminished. It is a sad reality, but there are those in the health care industry that neglect the very patients who need them most.

Whether it be through incorrect use of technologies, improper or falsified qualifications, inattentive and disorganized care staff, neglectful nursing homes, or callous HMOs, medical negligence can lead to severe injury, and sometimes, death.

At Rossman Baumberger Reboso & Spier, we regularly represent persons injured and the families of those lost due to medical negligence. The leadership and experience of our malpractice attorneys has produced a $12.5 million recovery in a misdiagnosis case, an $8 million recovery for a patient who was administered wrong medication, a $2.5 million recovery for a victim who suffered a stroke as a result of medical malpractice, 8 figure results for brain damaged babies, along with many other positive outcomes for our clients.

The benefits of technology and medicine are rendered useless when placed in the hands of uncaring, unskilled, and unsympathetic people. Victims of these "professionals" and organizations deserve to be protected by the representation of attorneys with broad experience in these areas.

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