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While, statistically speaking, flying is in fact the safest form of travel; it is not free of accidents. When aviation accidents do occur, they can be disastrous, causing severe injury or death to passengers and innocent bystanders below.

In these infrequent, yet serious instances, a lawsuit seeking damages can be brought against all parties responsible for the accident. These parties can include pilots, the airline company, the private owner of the aircraft, maintenance providers, and even the manufacturer of the aircraft and its key parts.

Aircraft are particularly intricate machines, and determining what caused an accident is a complicated process. Aviation accident lawsuits can be very complex matters, often involving multiple parties on both sides of the suit. International flights may also be subject to the Montreal Convention, an international treaty that limits the statute of limitations to two years from the date of the accident. With factors like a potentially short window to file suit, it’s all the more important to seek out an attorney who has both the experience and the knowhow of aviation cases.

Prior to discussing settlement with any company’s attorneys or representative, victims of an accident or families of victims should consult with an aviation lawyer. Airline, insurance, and manufacturer attorneys and representatives seek to limit and reduce liability while also minimizing payment to the victims of an accident. But, with the help of our experienced aviation attorneys on your side, you can be sure that all responsible parties will be identified and that your rights and needs will be protected.

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